BHR Cardiology Webinar: Chest Pain
24th June 2021

The webinar focuses on chest pain and is presented by Dr Fahad Farooqi, Consultant Cardiologist and Clinical Lead for Cardiology at BHRUT.
The webinar covers the following using case discussions:
- How to treat stable Angina in Primary Care
- How to manage non-cardiac chest pain in Primary Care



Proactive Care Framework Webinar
22nd July 2021
Low Risk Hypertension Management Pathway

5 Steps to Take Before you Refer to Cardiology Webinar

22nd July 2021


Primary Care Referral and Management Guidance for some of the most common cardiac conditions:

  • Chest pain - Angina

  • SOB - HF

  • Palpitations

  • 'Abnormal' findings on investigatons: ECG, Holter, Echo, 24 Hr BP monitor.

Presenter: Dr Fahad Farooqi, Consultant Cardiologist, Clinical Lead for Cardiology | Barking, Dagenham, Havering & Redbridge NHS Trust

Target audience: GP, GP Trainee and Primary Care/Community Care staff, including Additional roles and Community Cardiology team

Proactive Care for Hypertension: Medium and High Risk Pathways
5th August 2021

Lipid Management Training Programme

11 October 2021

This webinar covered:

  • Introduction Pilot Program: CVD Lipid Management Secondary Prevention

  • UCL Partners Proactive Care Framework: Lipid Management (relate the prioritisation to the cohort summary data)

  • NHS Accelerated Access Collaborative Lipid Management guidelines

  • Pilot Program Pathway in Practice Training Summary Program Events


  • Sadeer Fhadil, Lead Cardiac Pharmacist | St Bartholomew’s Hospital

  • Imran Khan, Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) Pharmacist|North East London Clinical Commissioning Group

  • Riyaz Patel, Professor of Cardiology and Consultant Cardiologist | St Bartholomew’s Hospital.