BHR CEPN's response to the current Covid-19 pandemic

Updated 22nd November 2021

At BHR CEPN we continue to monitor government and health authorities’ guidelines on how to respond to the pandemic.

During this challenging period, we acknowledge, celebrate and show our gratitude to our health and care workforce across the entire BHR system. Also, our thoughts and condolences are with those who have lost loved ones.

Post Covid-19 lockdown in March, we reviewed and adapted our current provision to ensure we were able to prioritise the right level of support to our local Network in combating the challenges.

As lockdown is gradually being eased and lifted across the UK, we continue to ensure the wellbeing of local people is at the forefront of how we deliver our services. We are regularly reviewing and re- aligning all our service provision with new and emerging information as it comes to light.

The following provides you with an update on how we have adapted our services to prioritise and respond to the BHR community and workforce supply and demand requirements during these unsettling times.

Workforce Safety and Wellbeing

During the period of Covid-19 lockdown, and until further notice, we are swapping our usual newsletter with a new, more regular bulletin that shall focus on Covid-19 safety and wellbeing tips, links and information to stay safe, keep well and combat stress levels. We are committed to playing our part in communicating accessible, timely and useful information to help promote and support the safety and wellbeing of the workforce and community, especially for those in the frontline of combating the challenges of Covid-19 and helping to restore services.

Covid-19 Deployment and Training for Staff and Volunteers

We recognise the Covid-19 pandemic has imposed additional pressure on our health and social care service provision. We are currently seeking to engage and work closely with our relevant partners and key stakeholders to understand their supply and demand pressures in order to inform our own commissioning intentions and deliver the most appropriate training, education and development responses for these circumstances.

Existing and Future BHR CEPN Training Provision

In line with emerging Covid-19 workforce supply and demand priorities, we have paused a number of our training/course provisions, until further notice. This includes mental health first aid, motivational interviewing, making every contact count, and group consultations. We are committed to bringing these important opportunities back for our BHR workforce as soon as is practicable.

However, we do recognise that the current situation presents increased demand for certain types of training, particularly online provision focused on those care practices in increased demand, such as telephone triage – please do reach out to us if you have specific training demands and we will work with you to meet these. We are particularly keen to understand how we can support health and care services re-induct and support staff who may have been self-isolating and need updates on some of the new ways of working that have emerged under the Covid-19 lockdown.

Contact Info for Existing and Future Training/Course Provision

We understand that some staff may be concerned about the impact of pausing our training/course provision on their current and future development and may have additional questions that they want answered.

The following contacts are available to answer your questions and/or provide further information.

1. GP SPIN Scheme – contact: (

Currently due to the demand on primary care networks, GP Surgeries and the NHS as a whole, we are adapting our approach to the GP SPIN Scheme.

  • GP SPIN Vacancy Opportunities
    We are currently urgently seeking new and early career GPs to fill active vacancies in general practice, supported by a range of bursaries and development opportunities. Please visit
    our GP SPIN pages to see the range of opportunities available.

  • Continuation of Peer Support Sessions
    In terms of the current SPIN Cohort (2020/21), we have encouraged Programme Director’s to continue with their Peer support sessions where possible, and these continue to be conducted online to reduce the levels of social interaction.

    We are continuing to work with HEE to respond to the emerging retention needs of our local partners

2. BHR CEPN Apprenticeship – contact: Jo Barter (
Contact Jo Barter for all Apprenticeship enquiries – both existing and future programmes. We are continuing to run new courses so please get in touch if you are interested in any of the following:

  • Apprentice Nursing Associates (ANAs)

  • Healthcare Assistant Apprentices

  • Management Apprentices: Team leader/supervisor, management (primary and social care)

    and Masters degree Senior Leader or MBA

  • Any other Apprenticeship enquiries


Places are also available on our remote Maths and English training courses which can be undertaken online in a flexible manner.*

3. SSSA training and broader general practice & care homes workforce development – contact: Nora Rao (

• Face-to-face SSSA training ( assessor and supervisor ) was postponed, but Jayne Hannah , Practice Nurse Educator for NEL Primary and Social care Nursing Associates has been providing SSSA training for practice supervisors virtually , and there are still some sessions available. Contact Jayne for details

• Infection prevention and control webinars and Q&A sessions are being provided by NEL CSU IPC. These are specific to general practice and sessions are available.  Contact for further information and links to the sessions.

• Peer support sessions continue to be provided three times a week (varying times) for all nurses across BHR. Contact or for further details.

For all other BHR CEPN general enquiries please email us at –

As the global effect of Covid-19 continues to impact our communities, we at BHR CEPN remain firmly committed to the safety and wellbeing of the workforce and community at large. We will continue to closely monitor the evolving impact of Covid-19 and ensure we are responsive in adapting our service provision to best support the workforce and community. We shall continue to update you with any changes to our service provision.

Thank you for your continued support. Stay safe and keep calm, informed, empowered, and optimistic about the future.


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