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About Us

Change happens in the interactions between people

We are a small consultancy company of people from diverse backgrounds, knowledge and experience 

Our Mission

To support all who engage with us to develop the leader within them

Our Vision

To make change and transformation sustainable and accessible to all

Our Story

Established in September 2013, our company has developed a keen focus on supporting our clients identify and realise their visions.

Our clients tend to have something in common. They recognise they could be developing more efficient and responsive approaches to their service delivery, and have often tried many solutions. Some of these worked, for a while, others were less fruitful. In the meantime they, as leaders, their staff and those that rely on their services continued to struggle to meet their aspirations.

Our work with our clients has enabled us to develop our very own tools and approaches to help them climb off the hamster's wheel and start to map more meaningful and sustained approaches to service and organisational transformation. 

Informed by systemic leadership theories and practices, we are continuing to develop  bespoke tools and approaches that encourage appreciative, curious and critical thinking that move change projects and programmes out of the transactional and into the transformal

Meet The Team

Our previous and current clients have included:

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