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Collaborative Knowledge Networks

Our CKNs are designed to bring uni- or multi professional groups together, either within or across organisations. The aim of CKNs is to provide the safe spaces necessary for workforces to understand and develop their own responses to the requirements of change and transformation programmes. 

CKNs offer the opportunity to come together and create an identity for the process of change and work together to develop appreciative, challenging, curious and critical discourse as the vehicle to build relationships, exchange knowledge and experience and create new knowledge that is unique to the CKN and the people forming it. 

This new knowledge provides the basis for new policies, plans and practices to deliver new ways of working, thinking and behaving which is owned and valued by the people creating it, thus encouraging investment and sustainability in the delivery of change

Appreciative Inquiry

Supporting participants to adopt strengths-based perspecitves instead of focusing on what's not working is a particular powerful approach to engagement and solution-finding. 

Participants are encouraged to recognise the benefits of visioning what's possible rather than the usual deficit approach which can erect barriers to change and relationship building

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Reflective, curious and critical thinking

We are often too quick to rush to solutions. In some situations this is essential - such as when safeguarding, managing risk or meeting urgent deadlines.

However, this tendency to rush to solutions can often shut down the exploration of alternative thinking and possibilities.

In our workshops and groups, we encourage reflection and consideration of how we engage with situations and whether we have opportunities to occupy more expansive, inclusive, exploratory thought spaces before finally landing on conclusions to the requests or situations in front of us

Network Development

We support the development of your collaborative knowledge networks through a range of approaches that seek to build relationships, trust and understanding of how interpersonal interactions can add value to the collective efforts for service delivery.

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