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Introducing our LSSP transformation model

We've undertaken our own research to identify an imbalance across a range of change and transformation programmes which undermine progress to success. 

All too often the vision might be clear but it's communication is implicit. This results in a limited focus on effective strategies to deliver the focus of change, leaving an overemphasis on simple, structural responses that won't change the thinking and behaviours needed to embed and sustain change.

We therefore developed our LSSP model to bring a more balanced focus to the role of leadership, strategy, structure and people which allows activity to be spread lightly across the organisation, rather than falling on the shoulders of a few.

The result is a transformation approach that threads the agreed vision throughout the transformation programme, makes explicit the permissions for staff to work in the new ways required, agrees an effective strategy with responsive structures for delivery and empowers and enables the whole workforce to understand, own and embed the required change(s).

Leadership Visioning

The first element of our LSSP model is to support you to explore and agree the vision for your project,  programme, service or organisation. This will then define the thread that runs through our work with you and your progress beyond

Leadership Visioning Image 3.jpg
Strategy 3.jpg
Strategy 3.jpg

Senior Management setting the strategy

Building on from your leadership team visioning activities, we'll support your senior managers to devise and agree a coherent approach to realising that vision, one which emphasises bringing your workforce along with you rather than simply hoping they'll be able to catchup

Operational Management agreeing the structures necessary for delivery

We'll support your operational managers to identify and create the structures that will deliver your agreed vision and strategy, ensuring these structures are responsive to your needs rather than being the limiting factor

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People Image 3.jpg

People and Collaboration

Change and transformation are often challenging because the workforce, i.e. the very people needed to implement the vision, aren't included in the planning and implementation phases. 

Our proprietary Collaborative Knowledge Networks are designed to put your workforce front and centre, enabling and empowering the people in your team/organisation to work together to understand, own and embed the required change(s)

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